Personal Umbrella Insurance in Brownwood, TX

Ready for Anything: Smith & Sharpe Personal Umbrella Insurance

As a responsible driver, homeowner and maybe a boat owner, you’ve done the responsible thing and taken out appropriate insurance policies to protect yourself and your family. Maybe you’re even insured with maximum coverages. You feel ready for anything.

But are you, really?

Personal Umbrella Insurance: When Standard Coverages Won’t Cut It

As unpleasant as it is to think about, the simple truth is that standard coverages might not be enough to protect you and your family against a large liability claim. A single event could, possibly, exhaust the payouts of standard policies—especially if you were sued and judged legally liable for someone else’s losses. What happens then?

You pay the rest. Don’t put your family or yourself in that situation, get high quality personal umbrella insurance in Brownwood, TX from Smith & Sharpe Insurance.

The Remedy for Payout Shortfalls? Personal Umbrella Insurance from Smith & Sharpe

You can prevent payout shortfalls with personal umbrella insurance from Smith & Sharpe Insurance Agency. Umbrella insurance in Brownwood, TX starts paying once standard policies reach their liability limits. Umbrella policies offer multiple supplemental coverages, including some that might be excluded from standard insurance.

When Do I Need Personal Umbrella Insurance?

If a guest in your home suffered an injury and sued for damages, a legal award could easily exceed the coverages provided by standard homeowners insurance. The same goes for standard car insurance if another driver, other passengers, or even your own passengers were injured in a wreck wherein you were driving. The same holds true for watercraft insurance, too.

What Policies Can Personal Umbrella Insurance Supplement?

Personal umbrella insurance can serve as a supplement to all of these:

• Homeowner’s policies
• Auto policies
• Motorcycle policies
• Boat & watercraft policies
• More

Contact Smith & Sharpe Insurance Agency a for FREE Quote on Personal Umbrella Insurance in Brownwood, TX

At Smith & Sharpe Insurance, experience has taught us that a personal umbrella policy is the closest one can come in the world of insurance to being truly ready for anything. Nothing quite compares to the peace of mind that comes through that extra layer of protection.

Got questions about personal umbrella insurance? At Smith & Sharpe Insurance, we’ve got the answers you need to make informed coverage decisions! If you’re ready to see how much you could save on personal umbrella insurance, call Smith & Sharpe Insurance Agency today at (325) 646-4578! For a free online personal umbrella insurance quote, fill out the quote form on our contact page!

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